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Pack. Eat. Repeat.

Est. 2022

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Hello there! My son Seth started kindergarten January 2022 which led to me researching, checking out food ideas and focusing on his school readiness.

At home we enhanced his reading skills, writing, some basic maths, we started sports and most importantly, paid attention to his diet.

He used to be sooooo picky! Recently he has been eating a reasonable variety of food (still has a long way to go with veggies though 😆). Still a slow eater, but has been trying really hard and I have seen great progress.

The key? Eliminate or at least lessen distractions (oh yeah he gets out of the chair, talks and do other kids' stuff but he's heaps better than before), provide balanced food options (even if they don’t touch them, keep offering), be creative, make it fun and be consistent! You will be surprised with how much their eating habits can improve. But remember, at the end of the day, children have different needs. You got this!!!

Lunchbox making for both my son and hubby has been a form of therapy. It drew my inner creativity. As a shift worker, I need to make sure I allot time to prep their lunches. I am not a great cook, not a baker either, just an average woman who offers edible food 🤣. Hearing great feedbacks from friends and the teacher were just icing on the cake; the best reward - hapiness on their faces, and lunchboxes coming home empty most of the time.

I loved it sooo much which made me think, why not take all these into a different level? I did my research, then the rest was history - Lunchbox 4 Real was born 😊

I created my FB page


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to share awareness as to what goes inside the lunchbox? For real? Modern times have called for instagrammable lunchboxes, some of which aren’t realistic. I want to share ideas, positivities, to motivate and remind everyone that lunchbox making need not to be stressful. We gotta enjoy the food we prep for our loved ones. It is not a competition…yes we can make it look pretty and enjoyable, but it does not have to be gourmet or smogasboard all the time, basic still does the trick! Do whatever suits you and your family…better eaten than fancy 😛

As part of this new hobby and passion, I created this shop to provide the best quality lunchboxes, accessories and feeding essentials at affordable prices. We are located in SA but offer shipping within Australia. Pick up available; we can also drop off within Adelaide Metro.

Happy packing and eating 🍇