Little Cino Social Babycino Cup Hear Me Roar Snowy White

Little Cino Social Babycino Cup Hear Me Roar Snowy White

(White lid)

Meet Little Cino Social - the world's first printed biodegradable babycino cup. These cups are made from sustainably farmed bamboo that's both lightweight and durable.

There’s so much to love and learn about our beautiful planet. Little Cino Social aims to teach our little people to reduce, reuse and create. Lunchbox 4 Real supports them on their quest to saying goodbye to disposable cups.

Little Cinos are not just Babycino cups, but are miniature pieces of art. The impeccable designs feature the beautiful work of local WA artist, Torryn Marie. Some designs come with a matching adult / bigger Cino Cups too, how clever!

Now all you need to do is enjoy your coffee the way you like it, while the lil’ one quenches on that Babycino :)

They are perfect presents too. One of the most competitive prices in the market, we can say that these cups are well worth-it! Try them now.

Little Cino Social cups are:

made from bamboo
naturally BPA and PVC free
dishwasher safe
not suitable in the microwave
4oz/120ml in capacity

  • 2 available 100%