Smoo Silicone Straw Set 4pcs + straw + bag

Smoo Silicone Straw Set 4pcs + straw + bag

Pastel coloured, soft silicone straw with stopper sets designed for use in the Smoo Mini Smoothie Cups.

Add even more colour to your daily smoothies with our fun, colourful and reusable straws. These sets include 4x straws, a straw cleaner and a reusable, washable Smoo pouch.

Your straw should be rinsed (where possible) after each use to avoid contents drying inside the straw. Rinse in warm soapy water. Each set comes with a straw cleaner that you can insert into the straw to clean thoroughly and remove any food contents.


Children should always be supervised when eating or drinking.

  • 6 available 100%