Smock Bib Dino Time

Smock Bib Dino Time

Mess-free eating? Arts and crafts? Sensory plays? Our smock bibs got you covered!

Our Smock Bibs are the perfect solutions to challenging mealtimes. Feeding has never been better with these absolute must-haves!

Long sleeves, easy to wear with 2 snap buttons or clips, a generous catch-all pocket, the waterproof designs… all these practical solutions have been well-taught and combined to provide versatility for mealtimes, art projects, baking and helping out in the kitchen, sensory plays, name it!

Very easy to clean as well, you can either wipe them with a damp cloth, hand wash or machine wash (upto 30degrees Celsius).
Remember not to iron / dry clean/ tumble dry.

Suitable mostly for kids upto 3 years of age or more, depending on child’s size.

Gorgeous prints to choose from.

Comes with sealable bags making them outstanding practical presents.

  • 3 available 100%