Subo the Food Bottle Olive

Subo the Food Bottle Olive

The Subo food bottle is a mess-free, reusable food container, perfect for little ones who are learning to feed themselves. It is great for on-the-go and also at home. Make your own healthy purees, smoothies, yoghurts and mashed foods for your little ones to enjoy.

Unlike pouches, the Subo bottle has a solid shape therefore little hands will not be able to squeeze and spill the contents of the bottle out when they are using it. As they sip on the soft silicone spout, the food is pulled up using pressure. The base of the Subo bottle is a moving platform. The said platform pushes the food up, making sure little ones don't miss any of their delicious food. A clever valve in the base allows air in under the platform, ensuring the platform does not drop down between uses.

Not sure how much food is in there? Little windows along the side of the bottle help you see how much food you have put in there, along with some handy little capacity guides to help you know how much is left.

*Please ensure temperature of food is checked before giving to children. It is not recommended to use in microwaves as food may not heat evenly.

210ml capacity
Great for purees, homemade smoothies, yoghurt (not suitable for liquid)
Reusable, waste free, durable
BPA, Phthalate Free
Perfect for lunchboxes
Snap on cap
Soft silicone spout with large openings (12mm)
Designed in Australia
Not dishwasher safe, clean with warm soapy water
Recommended for 6mths +

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