B. Box Insulated Food Jar Lilac Pop

B. Box Insulated Food Jar Lilac Pop

Keeps food at the perfect temperature all day, whether kids prefer warm pasta for lunch or cold refreshing fruit and yoghurt. Great for kinder and school with a 335ml capacity. Comes with spork utensil that tucks away into a custom bumper. Easy-grip handles give kids leverage to open the jar easily, encouraging independence. Removable arms and bumper ensure the food jar can be tailored for older kids too. Unique stop feature stops parents from overtightening the lid. Dishwasher safe. When using to keep food warm - for best performance fill the stainless steel base with hot water for a few minutes to warm it before pouring water out - and filling with delicious hot food.

Product Features:

Keeps food cold for up to 7 hours, and warm for up to 5 hours
Insulating double walled stainless steel
Removable handles and bumper so kids of all ages can style their food jar to suit
Carry handle provides leverage for small hands to open independently
Included spork utensil tucks away into bumper
Dishwasher and steriliser safe
BPA, Phthalates and PVC free

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