Sandwich Cutter and Sealer Sandwich Pocket Maker

Sandwich Cutter and Sealer Sandwich Pocket Maker

Encourage fussy eaters to eat sandwiches by using this gorgeous and durable stainless sandwich cutter plus sealer.

Eating lunches can be a fun experience for kids and kids at heart. Yes, this cutter makes a simple filled sandwich more appetising!

These cute crustless sandwich cutter sets are made of high-quality stainless steel and detachable plastic sealers, are washable, and can be used by kids easily.

Add different fillings to make sealed sandwiches, such as vegetables, fruits, jams, butter, cheese, bacon, chocolate, and anything else you like. You can also use pancakes and achieve those great shapes!

Suitable for lunch boxes, bento boxes, picnics, parties, or just for everyday brekkies or snacks.

Handwash only.

Each set comes with a cutter and removable sealer.

Colours may vary but designs are standard.

Pls follow instructions on photos for step by step use.

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